about hotel
Hotel Scarboro boasts the best ocean view, embracing Daepyeong-ri and
Baksugijeong columnar joint, the most beautiful beach villages in Jeju.
Our hotel is a European-style hotel designed and built with the motif of a small port city called Scarborough,
located in North Yorkshir, England. Scarborough, located on the North Sea coast, is a place where British and
European traders gathered and engaged in large-scale trade since the Middle Ages,
and is a historic city where the "Scarborough Fair", a trade fair, was held every year.
It is also the background to Simon & Garfunkel's memorable song 'Scarborough Fair'.

We are trying to capture the memories and atmosphere of the sea and port in Daepyeong-ri, Jeju,
as it is very similar to the Scarborough area.
We are doing our best to become Jeju's representative healing camp
as the best resort facility where you can enjoy the beautiful beaches of Daepyeong-ri and where peace and relaxation coexist.

For comfortable relaxation and healing, we have a large outdoor swimming pool and spa facilities in all rooms of the main building,
and you can enjoy a more special and luxurious experience through a private pool villa stay.
In addition, the five pool villas that Scarborough is proud of have added thematic touches so that you can feel the symbolic meaning of Parsley (festival), Sage (passion), Rosemary (love), and Thyme (scent), as in the song 'Scarborough Fair'.

We hope that everyone who visits Jeju will have an unforgettable experience and make precious memories at Scarboro.

thank you